Overhead Stirrers

Scilogex offers two efficient and carefully controlled digital overhead stirrer models for the safe and effective mixing of large volumes of liquids.
LCD and LED Digital overhead stirrer models offer considerable functionality that would not be available on a standard analog overhead stirrer. For example, the Scilogex LCD digital lab stirrers allow the user to set the required torque and speed, and observe the true values of the torque and speed on an easy-to-read LCD display. An accurate microprocessor controls stirring speed and guarantees precision in the speeds achieved by the laboratory stirrer, while an anti-spill microprocessor control ensures the slow start up of speed to prevent sample spills. The LED model provides a precise display of the actual speed which is selected via an analog dial.

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OS20-Pro (20L) LCD Digital Overhead Stirrer

OS20-S (20L) LED Digital Overhead Stirrer

Scilogex Clinical Centrifuges
OS40-Pro (40L) LCD Digital Overhead Stirrer

Scilogex Hematocrit Centrifuges
OS40-S (40L) LED Digital Overhead Stirrer

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